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Rurally-based lawyers, speaking your language

Regional Queensland is unique, and so are the legal matters it faces.

At Charles Legal Group, we understand the importance of having lawyers and legal practitioners who speak your language.

And, unlike other ‘big city’ law firms, The Charles Legal Group team have encountered matters unique to rural towns.

From stock fraud, give-and-take fence disputes, and agistment to carbon agreements, and challenges associated with insurance and flooding in remote rural communities, we've seen it all.

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Commercial Law

We are active members of our communities and understand how businesses operate in rural Queensland.  

Our team has a broad range of experience working in the commercial law sector and with the businesses in our regions, so we understand it is often about who you know. We provide expertise in a range of commercial law services including:

  • Business agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Asset protection
  • Companies & trusts
  • Easements
  • Terms of trade
  • Business sales
  • Finance agreements
  • Mortgage agreements

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At Charles Legal Group, our clients can be confident working with our team when buying or selling residential or investment properties.

Given our unique knowledge of where we live and work,  we understand the importance of farming and grazing land. Rural conveyancing can be tricky especially when you deal with stock, stock routes, water agreements, give-and-take fences, and leasehold land.

As a result of our experience in rural Queensland, we provide a comprehensive range of rural conveyancing services.

From start to finish, our team represent you to ensure your property settlements and acquisitions are seamless and as stress-free as possible.

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Commercial & Retail Leasing Agreements

As local members of the communities in which we operate, our team has personal connections and relationships with the businesses in our towns.

We help you with lease agreement contracts whether you’re a lessee (tenant) or a lessor (landlord) for commercial, industrial and retail spaces. If you’re looking for advice on communication towers, agistment agreements, or leasing premises to other commercial and industrial industries, our experienced lawyers are here to help.

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Landholder Compensation

If you’re approached by an energy or resource company for access to your land, our highly experienced and capable team can negotiate your compensation rights on your behalf. 

With years of experience working within the energy and resources sector, we provide expertise to landholders regarding their entitlements and compensation. 

We negotiate on your behalf with solar and wind farming companies, oil and gas organisations, and more to ensure that you’re receiving the right compensation for gaining access to your land. 

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Carbon Agreements

With the rise of the environmental movement and push for net zero carbon emissions in the big end of town, our team can meticulously review your carbon agreements and ensure your agreement complies with Commonwealth regulations, and the Carbon Market Institute Code of Conduct.

With years of experience in this sector, our team works with landholders looking to undertake carbon projects on their properties and review abatement contracts with carbon service providers.

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Wills & Estates Administration

We have deep connections and unparalleled knowledge of the communities in which we operate. We know the locals and provide compassion and care when administering wills and estates.

Through our local connections and understanding of our communities, we provide a comfortable and approachable environment for our clients.

The time after losing a loved one is an extremely stressful and difficult time. Leave the hard work to us, and we will ensure your wills and estates are administered in a timely manner and with a minimum of fuss.

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Estate & Succession Planning

We understand wills and estates can be a sensitive topic, after all, we are having to make decisions about what happens after we pass away. However, it’s important to make arrangements with an appropriate succession plan and an up-to-date will and Enduring Power of Attorney to minimise the stress on your loved ones at the time of your passing.

There are lots of hurdles and complexities with trusts, and superannuation which means it is imperative that you obtain good legal advice to ensure that your hard-earned assets go to your loved ones in the right manner.

We speak the language of our clients and understand the complexities that come with farming and pastoral estates and can devise a plan that works for you and your family.

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Family Law

Family law is complicated and often distressing. At Charles Legal Group, our solicitors compassionately and delicately find solutions that work for families in marriages and de facto relationships. 

With wide distances often playing a major role in rurally-based family legal disputes, we help clients find solutions. 

Our team have a unique experience with complex parenting situations as well as experience with property division and child support.  

We specialise in a number of Family Law areas, including: 

  • Property & Financial Disputes
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Separation
  • Divorce Applications
  • Parenting Orders (Custody)
  • And more

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Dispute Resolution

At Charles Legal Group, we specialise in rural dispute resolution and litigation and work with our clients to find successful outcomes to disagreements. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes for any disagreement.

While we provide excellent dispute resolution services for a variety of disagreements, we specialise in finding solutions for clients through mediation.

Our dispute resolution services include:

  • Give & take disputes 
  • Stock steals 
  • Fencing disputes 
  • Water rights 
  • Shifting boundaries 
  • Stock routes 
  • Weapons licensing 
  • Forced musters 
  • Debts owing
  • Debts owed
  • Partnership disputes
  • Estate litigation

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Criminal Law

At Charles Legal Group, our team is highly experienced in criminal law and works with clients to find the best possible outcomes for criminal cases.

From simple offences to indictable crimes, we work with you to resolve your criminal cases by supporting you at every stage of your case.

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Personal Injuries

Our lawyers can help you make a claim relating to an injury, illness or death which occurred due to an accident that happened anywhere in Queensland. We will help you every step of the way, advocate for your rights and maximise the amount of compensation you receive.

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